To Assign, Post Invoice Code and Export CSV on Outgoing Tax

1. Choose the icon, enter Outgoing VAT (Indonesian Tax), and then choose the related link

2. Choose the Process action then Synchronize to create outgoing tax from transaction

3. Select outgoing tax that you want to assign invoice code

4. Choose Process action then Assign to assign invoice code

5. In the Assign Invoice Code dialog, specify Single Code as true for multiple transaction in one tax invoice number

6. In the Invoice Date, enter date as tax invoice date

7. Choose OK action

8. Choose Process action then Post

9. Choose Manage action then View to see detail transaction

10. Choose Report action then Export CSV to export posted outgoing tax transaction into CSV file

11. In the E-Invoice Export dialog, specify From Date and To Date as tax invoice date range

12. Choose OK action

13. System will generate and download csv file